Creation of a table


To create a new table on the screen properties of the database, enter the name of your table and the number of fields expected.


You arrive on a screen allowing the seizure of properties of each field. SQLiteManager_Table2.png

We take the fields from our table. Note that in 'SQLite' field type 'Integer' design as a primary key is a field with auto-increment.
If you realize that you need only two made field! simply do not enter the field name.

And that's the result: SQLiteManager_Table4.png
It is possible to add 'No' or fields you want in the table!

To create 'index', you have a small summary in the table properties.

We want our field 'libel' is an 'Index' -> SQLiteManager_Table6.png
The result: SQLiteManager_Table7.png
We want to create another 'index': but just a column, then we wanted 3! Made add 2 columns: SQLiteManager_Table8.png -> SQLiteManager_Table9.png
And voila the job


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Creation of a table - SQLiteManager
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